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Yvonne Kada – Wounds & Burns Cream

“I have been using McArthur Skincare products for some years now and would not use anything else. I suffer with some skin irritations and the Wounds & Burns Cream is brilliant.””

Ayumi Bird – Eczema Cream

“This is my story of McArthur Skincare Eczema Cream. My son is 2 years old and has eczema. Last November my auntie recommended to use McArthur Skincare Eczema Cream. Guess what happened? After 7 days we saw a big improvement. I wish I had found your cream earlier!”

Sue Norton – Arthritis Cream

“I love your Arthritis cream – It works to help provide pain relief and does not have a stinky smell :)”

Siu Ling Hui – Psoriasis, Dermatitis & Rashes Cream

“The Psoriasis, Dermatitis & Rashes Cream is wonderful! It helped to relieve an annoying rash. Total convert to McArthur Skincare products!”

Emily Wallis – Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Rashes Cream

“I did not think to try one of your creams on a skin rash. I decided to apply some Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Rashes Cream and the dryness started to go and now the rash is finally gone. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I have recommended to all my friends.”

Emily Wallis – Wounds & Burns Cream

“I have been using your Wounds & Burns Cream for minor burns on my face and it is just wonderful.”

Marilyn Toohey – Eczema Cream

“The Eczema Cream I have found to be a great product that helps to relieve the itch of uncomfortable heat rash.”

Amanda Cinanni – Minor Burn

“I recently received a minor oven burn on my hand and I am impressed with how the McArthur Burns and Wounds Cream quickened the healing process.”

Myszka Brudnicka – Eczema Cream

“My eczema is almost gone after using your cream for 2 months.”

TeAnne Pantony – Arthritis Cream

“I love the Arthritis cream. Great on my knees.”

Alan O’Donoghue – Wounds & Burns Cream & Hydrating Facial Cream

“I have used the Wounds & Burns cream in the past & have had consistent results where skin burn pain goes away very quickly without leaving skin peal when clearing up.”

Carol McKenna – Wounds & Burns Cream

“This cream works on minor burns. Took the pain away.”

Elly – Eczema Cream

“My eczema is a lot better using your eczema cream. This cream really helped!! The products are great.”

Malcolm Taylor – Wounds & Burns Cream

“I have numerous topical skin wounds from being a farmer. Using your Wounds & Burns Cream I have gained considerable relief.”

Joanne Consalvo – Mild Eczema

“I have used the McArthur Skincare Eczema Cream on my 14 month for the last 2 months. Very happy with the results. Still has some ongoing problem areas in the folds behind his knees but they are not as angry as they were before.”