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Invisi Shield

Rovert (NT) – Foaming Hand Sanitiser

“I find Invisi Shield® foaming hand sanitiser great for when we go camping. Getting access to water to wash my hands can be a challenge, but Invisi Shield® solves the problem. I always make sure I've got a bottle in my pack.”

Sandie (Fremantle) – Foaming Hand Sanitiser

“I work in the retail and dealing with the general public & handling money all day, I use Invisi Shield hand sanitiser to keep me protected from nasty germs. I love that fact that I can put it on in the morning before work and know that its working all day. It gives me great peace of mind!”

Paul (West Perth) – Foaming Hand Sanitiser

“Using public transport to get to work and coming into contact with hand rails that have been touched by lots of people (often sick!), I was using an alcohol based sanitiser. When I found out that it is only effective on application and offers no lasting protection, I switched to Invisi Shield foaming hand sanitiser. Not only does it keep me protected long after first use, it doesn't have a strong chemical smell. Invisi Shield definitely gets a big tick from me.”