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Complete Esscience

Q How do I apply Complete Esscience Skincare products?

A In our experience product application is very important in getting the best results from our products. Please ensure when applying our products that you follow the instructions outlined on the Product Application section in the store page on this site, or as shown on the product pack itself. If you are in any doubt please call us on 08 6311 1900 for further information. Please note: we do not make any claims of a cure or diagnose the cause of skin ailments or medical conditions.

Q Will my skin get worse before it gets better?

A One use of Complete Esscience is to purify, soothe and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. However, in some cases it is not uncommon for the skin to get worse before it gets better. This can occur for 2-3 days and our feedback suggests that if you continue to apply our products improvement may occur after that time. You should discontinue use if irritation persists. Please remember to patch test prior to full application.

Q What should I do if I develop a skin reaction?

A As we use active natural ingredients, initially the troubled area may become aggravated, which is often an indication that the products are working. A mild tingling or a skin change may occur on application.

One of the benefits of our products is that they purify, soothe and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. In some cases your skin may initially become red as toxins may be drawn to the surface and expelled by the body. A skin irritation may also occur if you have applied an excessive amount of the cream rather than a thin film.

Our experience is that any irritation should clear within 2-3 days. Discontinue use if irritation persists. Please remember to always patch test prior to full application.

Q Which products should I purchase?

A Skin Care products:

  • For general skincare needs, in most cases the Complete Skincare Cream is the most popular product, but in other cases the Hydrating Facial Cream is the most appropriate for the skin.
  • Our Complete Skincare Soap and Complete Skincare Body Wash are everyday cleansers for the whole body used to invigorate and exfoliate the skin and are often used in conjunction with our creams.

Hair Care products:

  • We recommend the Scalp Care Shampoo and Scalp Care Conditioner for sensitive scalps, while the Replenishing Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner are recommended for everyday use.

Value Saving Product Packs:

  • McArthur Skincare also has a variety of Product Packs that give you good value when you’re buying a combination of products that suit your needs.

Personal help and guidance:

  • You may also use a combination of our products. If you are unsure which product to purchase, or what combination you need, please contact us on 08 6311 1900 - we’re happy to provide guidance.

Q Do your creams contain animal products?

A At SKNLife we aim to exclude animal products - however, we do use beeswax in some of our products as it is a safe, non-toxic ingredient and we only source from natural traditional Australian Bee farms.

All of our products are free of added parabens, propylene glycol or sodium lauryl sulphate.

Q What are the ingredients used in Complete Esscience products?

A We have carefully selected from a wide range of natural ingredients to ensure all products from McArthur Skincare are complementary. The ingredients for all McArthur Skincare products are listed on our product pages:

  • Complete Skincare Cream 240mL
  • Complete Skincare Cream 240mL No Added Fragrance
  • Complete Skincare Cream 100mL
  • Complete Skincare Soap
  • Hydrating Facial Cream
  • Complete Skincare Body Wash
  • Scalp Care Shampoo
  • Scalp Care Conditioner
  • Replenishing Shampoo
  • Replenishing Conditioner

Q I have very sensitive skin (or allergies), will I be able to use Complete Esscience?

A Complete Esscience products are suitable for all skin types. As we use active natural ingredients it is best to check for any allergic reaction.

Some of our products come in a No Added Fragrance version to suit the most sensitive skins.

We recommend that before applying the creams you conduct a patch test by applying a small amount of cream to the inside of your forearm to determine if any allergic reaction will occur.

Q Do any of your products contain any petrochemicals, steroids, parabens, propylene, glycol or sodium lauryl sulphate?

A Our products do not contain any contain any petrochemicals, steroids, parabens, propylene glycol or sodium lauryl sulphate. If you have any queries on the ingredients used within the Complete Esscience product range, please feel free to phone 08 6311 1900